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Human Trafficking


In your paper,

    Revise your thesis statement that you created, which identifies your social and criminal justice issue.

    Summarize your chosen social and criminal justice issue.

  Describe what makes this an issue.

  Provide data to show how this issue has made an impact on society.

  Explain which social justice principles need to be addressed and why.

        Detail the cultural and diversity issues present in your chosen social and criminal justice problem.

    Propose a possible resolution to your chosen social and criminal justice issue.

        Evaluate which branches of the criminal justice system are impacted/involved and how they either help or hinder the issue.

        Analyze how the criminal and social justice theories (in relation to the United States Constitution) and landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions impact your chosen issue and support your resolution.

        Examine how the judiciary, corrections, and law enforcement systems address social equality, solidarity, human rights, and overall fairness for all and how these essential concepts impact your issue and resolution.

        Evaluate how poverty, racism, religion and other sociocultural variables may apply to contemporary social and criminal justice by drawing information among the fields of, but not limited to, criminology, law, philosophy, psychology, science, and sociology.


Human trafficking is the inhumane act of dehumanizing victims by modern-day involuntary sexual servitude for financial gain. Being informed on red flags, and being familiar with every day surroundings can help identifying traffickers and potentially terminate these horrid acts


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