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Human trafficking & issues in criminal justice

In your Annotated Bibliography

Analyze criminal justice issues within the systems of law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections (CLO 1).

Evaluate the application of the social justice principles of equality, solidarity, and human rights toward building a just society (CLO 2).

Examine cultural sensitivitys and diversity awareness impact on social and criminal justice (CLO 3).

Deconstruct the relationship between law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections (CLO 4).

Interpret the relationship between social justice and criminal justice (CLO 5).

For each of your five separate critical analyses of your sources for the Course Learning Outcomes listed above, complete the following:

Summarize each sources thesis and/or main points in one paragraph.

Evaluate the relevance of the data used to support the thesis of the source.

Provide the formal APA reference entry for each source.

Briefly critique the accuracy, acceptability, strengths and weaknesses, and overall soundness of the article.

Explain, in one to two sentences, how each source supports your thesis and/or resolution.

Human trafficking is the inhumane act of dehumanizing victims by modern-day involuntary servitude for financial gain. Being informed on red flags/being aware of everyday surroundings can help identify traffickers & potentially terminate these horrid acts.

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