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Attached you can find the complete instructions for this assignment:

First section  Description of the Company you are going to analyze (provide details on revenue, funding, etc. that are not in page 2 of the report). This is easy, just find the relevant data

Please add all the necessary and important information about the company that is NOT included in the second part.

Second section Please solve all the questions per each section. The  more specific the better.

Second: Use the benchmark tool to analyze your proposed Company. Provide details.
Please go deep in the analysis and make sure that all the questions are addressed.

The task should be straight forward. If its done as bullet points would be even better as it would be shared as a presentation.

The company is a startup named HUNGRY. I will also share a file with general information.

Research is super important and make sure they are from reliable sources (crunchbase, orbis (financials), etc.


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