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Identifying Supporting and Refuting Evidence

1.) Read Gorn, Ch 3.

2.) Prepare the Assignment Sheet linked here: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 3-1-1.docxPreview the document

3.)  Follow the instructions:  Choose a question from 2, 3, or 4 in Gorn, Ch. 3, p. 60 and prepare a THESIS STATEMENT.  Then find a statement from each of the five (5) documents that support or refute your Thesis Statement.  Make sure at least one of your statements refutes your argument!

Evidence that SUPPORTS your Thesis is evidence that proves your statement is plausible or true.

Evidence that REFUTES your Thesis is evidence that is counter to your statement.  It may not invalidate your statement (prove it wrong), but it supports something opposite to or different from your Thesis.


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