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Anatomy and Physiology II: Immunity Discussion
Many of the physiology concepts this term will be presented as case study discussions. You will most likely NOT find the answers to these verbatims in your books. Therefore, in completing these, you will need to analyze bits of information from your books and the internet and synthesize it with information you have learned in the videos and previously in class. Your answers will need to be in your OWN WORDS so that I can be sure you truly understand the information you are not just reciting it.

Read each of the following situations, research them, and reach a logical conclusion for each question asked (the questions are in bold print). Do not set out to find an exact right answer to copy or you will make things much more difficult than they need to be. Learning is about UNDERSTANDING, not memorizing!!

After reading through each case choose TWO questions to answer (only choose two so others have a chance to make their selections). Fully answer each of your two questions in your OWN WORDS. For full credit, each answer must be at least five full sentences in length. Indicate which questions you are answering in the title of your post so that other students know which questions have been claimed. Each student must choose DIFFERENT questions to answer for full credit.

Visit and study the following websites before attempting to answer the following case studies. You will also need to do additional research on your own not all answers are on these webs- sites!

Nicoli was exposed to chickenpox and came down with the disease when he was four years old. He has known exposures to chickenpox twice since his initial exposure. Nicoli is now 12 years old. Nicoli has been exposed once again to chicken pox when his two-year-old brother, Christopher, recently came down with the disease.

1. If you were to measure the immunoglobulin (IgG, IgM, etc) levels reactive to chickenpox in Christophers blood, what type of immunoglobulin would you most likely expect to see elevated above normal? Why?

2. If you measured the immunoglobulin levels reactive to chickenpox in Nicolis blood upon his most recent exposure, what type of immunoglobulin would you most likely expect to see elevated above normal? Why?

3. Is there a difference in your expectations? Why?



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