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Impact of Nutrition on type 2 diabetes

Impact of Nutrition on type 2 diabetes

Describe risk management proposal such as identification and validation to reduce health burden against various environmental risk factors which may be regulated with Omics-driven innovative portfolio by formatting essential components. Consider one of each five modules as listed below would be formulated on your presentation slides.

Module 1: Pick up one of Environmental factors (i.e., Air, water, Soil, food, radiation, climate change, etc)

Module 2: Pick up one of Disease models/Clusters (i.e., linked personal including genetic, congenital, population level (food and microorganism and health, antibiotic resistance and food and health, food and metabolic diseases, bioterrorism attack and microorganism, or chemical spill vs disasters (using animal model, neonatal, in vitro model, and in silico level, etc)

Module 3: Explain Impact of environmental risk on Health complications/dysfunctions using following body systems (i.e., Skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, endocrine, renal, and reproductive, etc)

Module 4: What is Biomarkers as molecular indicator useful for health monitoring, or define what type of molecules could be benefit to detect or assess in disease initiation, progress or treatment? (i.e., focus on epigenetic Molecules, metabolic genes, translational therapeutic proteins, etc)

Module 5: Application with Omics module and System biology to predict metabolic diseases (Utilize Nutrigenomics, cell therapy and Cellomics, Stem cell, Nanotechnology, Imaging technology to detect early on-set disease, HTS and system biology in medical diagnosis using for personal medicine, etc)

Guideline of Class presentation
The presentation portfolio (approximately 15 slides length ) justify to the chosen topic as mentioned in theme section which potential risk may cause diseases, including causal influence reflect disrupt molecular network following exposure environmental/occupation risk factors by chronic or acute. It should be addressed following format as below:

1.    Background about selected human disease model include history (1 slide, does not include title page)

2.    Define key Problem /or problem statement (1-2 slides)

3.    Methodology include Omics application for risk assessment, measurement, monitoring or prevention (1 slide)

4.    Results include biomarkers and potential molecular pattern linked to disease pathogenesis or onset (advantage of Omics technology) (1-2 slides)

5.    Potential impact to improve risk assessment, evaluation, and Perspective Omics technology in Public health (1 slide)

6.      Limitation of current strategies in present study (1 slide)

7.    Conclusion/future perspectives (2 slides)

8.    References (citation articles/resources of the presentation) (2-3 slides)

submit s Summary/Abstract (250 words) include title and short synopsis per each slide include power point.

Example attached.


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