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Individual editorial project

Individual Editorial Project
Word count: 1,250 words

The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate their understanding of an editor’s role in the production of texts, and to formulate a meaningful evaluation or piece of advice about the creation of a text.

Task description:

Students will write an editorial analysis of a professional or public document or text of their choice. It should be a text that is publicly availableor that has had identifying details removed if semi-public or organisational.

Using what you have learned thus far about the editorial process through class discussions and readings, you should comment on the features of your chosen text. This could include the rhetorical strategies used, what you have discovered about the editorial process that produced it, elements of invention, arrangement or style (selection and shaping), target audience and intended effects, the actual (or potential) effects, its formatting, design or delivery.

After analysing some of these features, you should indicate whether you feel the editor’s choices were effective, and if not, offer suggested changes to the document in question.

Your analysis will need to show:

knowledge of the editing process and/or rhetorical appeals, devices, etc.
a considered attempt to think critically about audience and how to determine whether a text meets the expectations of an audience
understanding of how texts areor could beedited for a particular meaning or effect
application/understanding of readings to date in support of your analysis
Your evaluation and/or editorial advice will need to show:

understanding of the editorial role in the text production process, and what sorts of interventions or changes editors should be responsible for
a considered attempt to address a context or rhetorical situation for the text
the use of persuasive strategies to convince the reader of the need or desirability of changes, while maintaining constructive editorial relationships
Formatting/referencing style: Any academic or professional format and style suitable to the field chosen. Please ensure that all relevant information is included, and that the style is consistent throughout.


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