Discussion Post #1 – Vannevar Bush
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Please read the following assignment description/instructions carefully.

Be sure you understand all the components and what is expected before you begin to work on this assignment.

Students are expected to submit thoughtful essays that are proofed and edited. Any claims you make should be supported with concrete evidence. If you quote from a source be sure to provide a citation that is complete enough for your reader to find the passage you are quoting or referencing.

For all Discussion Posts students are expected to read a selection of the posts by their colleagues and comment in a way that contributes to the ideas and issues for the week. This is a chance to begin to explore and discuss critical issues and assumptions about the topics covered in this course.

Readings and Resources for this Discussion Post:

Bush, V. (1945). As we may think. Atlantic Monthly. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Video: Memex – Vannevar Bush’s diagrams made “real”:
Memex animation – Vannevar Bush’s diagrams made real (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Memex animation – Vannevar Bush’s diagrams made real

In no more than 500 words please address the following in a post to this forum:

What was Bush’s vision for information organization and access? What factors — social, cultural, political, economic — influenced his focus and his work?
What did you learn from the Bush reading and Memex video that helped you better understand the organization of information? Be specific.
What surprised you and why? Be specific.
What question do you have (post one question that engages issues of information


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