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Inflammatory breast disease

Each student will be assigned a modality from which to pull a case study concerning a specific pathology.  The student will research both the pathology and the modality to determine why this specific modality is best at imaging this pathology.  A power point presentation containing all the below components will be presented.

(My topic is: Inflammatory breast disease. Need to talk about screening & diagnostic mammograms.)

    All required details (patient history, diagnosis, procedures, pathology, methodology, anatomy, physiology are placed in a logical order & presented effectively.
    Researched case study thoroughly; included methodology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology
    Case study includes the purpose of the procedure, and significance of pathological findings.
    Student presented several pertinent images to clarify and enhance case study presentation and describes how images are created. 
    Student is able to answer all questions pertaining to routine and special positions/projections associated. Student is able to answer all questions pertaining to routine and special positions/projections associated with the procedure
    The student is able to explain well all of the technical factors utilized to create the radiograph image(s) and several ways to improve the image(s).
    The student is able to explain in detail the pathology as it appears on the image(s) and has full knowledge of the pathology.
    The student is able to make a complete and detailed description of the procedure and discuss materials necessary for the procedure.
    The student identifies all of the anatomy seen on the radiographic image


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