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Answer the attached questions. The question’s answers should be 4-5 sentences long and contain one source with an APA style citation. The citation should be listed right under the question’s answer.

You will find some of the answers in the included attachments. In addition to the included sources you may use other sources to complete the questions as long as you include the APA citation.

Creativity and Innovation in Organizations from Amabile, T.M. (1996, Jan). Creativity and Innovation in Organizations. Harvard Business School Cases, pp. 1-15.
Developing creativity and innovation in organizations (pp. 1-15).

How to Kill Creativity from Amabile, T.M. (Sep/Oct 98). How to Kill Creativity. Harvard Business Review, 76(5), pp. 76-87. Identifies which managerial practices snuff out creativity (pp. 76-87).

McIntyre, S. (1998) Obstacles to Corporate Innovation. Business Horizons, 23-28.

Shelton, R., & Percival, D. (2013). Breakthrough innovation and growth. Retrieved from ;


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