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insanity defense

This week, you were provided with an in-depth examination of the insanity defense. Throughout your reading, you learned what is involved in determining if a defendant is NGRI or GBMI as well as the evolution of an insanity defense. Now, you will demonstrate your understanding of this topic by writing a paper that evaluates the insanity defense. Be sure your paper addresses the following:

    Explore the legal definition of insanity and psychologys role in this definition.

    Discuss how frequently the insanity defense is used and how successful it is.

    Explain common beliefs about the insanity defense and their accuracy.

    Discuss some of the concerns or major criticisms about the insanity defense and the legitimacy to those concerns.

    Summarize any proposed reforms.

Support your assignment with at least two references from scholarly resources.

Length: 2-3 pages


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