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International Criminal Justice

Getting Started
This writing assignment explores criminal justice systems in other countries.  You will imagine traveling to a foreign country and analyze how you would be treated by that country’s criminal justice system if you were suspected of committing a crime.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

Compare and contrast the U.S. criminal justice system with others around the world.
Discuss the structure and function of international criminal justice systems.
Summarize how policing is achieved in various foreign countries.

Media 3.5 Resource: Policing in Foreign Countries
File: Comparative Close-up

Background Information
Various criminal justice systems have many similarities, and they have many differences.  It is important to understand why some governments have certain rules and others do not.  As you examine the differences, consider how the rules came to be and what influences they may have.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
View the media 3.5 Resource: Policing in Foreign Countries.
Read the document Comparative Close-Up.
Write a one-page paper that answers the following:
Select a country and imagine that you are traveling in that country.  Choose one of the five countries from the document you read in Step 3.  Or, select a foreign country you have visited, would like to visit someday, or that interests you.
Imagine that you are traveling in that country and are arrested on suspicion of being a drug courier.  You are innocent.
Determine how you would be treated by that country’s police and justice system in general.  The close-ups provided in the document are a starting point for your research.  Conduct Internet research on the country of your choosing to determine how you would be treated.
Compare your response to part c to how you would likely be treated by the local police if you were arrested for the same offense in the United States. 
Base your response on your knowledge of American policing. 
Support your statements with facts and appropriate resources.
Remember to cite your sources using APA formatting.


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