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International Relations

Your final project in this course is to offer an analysis of the failing government of Venezuela and the indict of Maduro through realism, liberalism, and institutionalism. For full credit, your final project should:

Introduce the event/issue you are looking at in an appropriate level of detail, citing any relevant sources.

Approach an analysis of the event using three of the theoretical approaches we have examined in this course (realism, liberalism, and institutionalism). Good questions to ask in your analysis include what facts, events, motivations, or actors each approach might emphasize and what outcomes or way forward these approached might predict.

Compare and assess the rival interpretations you have developed. Do you feel certain theories hold more explanatory power? Why or why not?

All papers should include a bibliography and use proper in-text citations. Points may be deducted for excessive issues with spelling or grammar. Your papers may reference materials we have used in class but should also cite to outside material. Though length may vary, 15-20 double spaced pages is a good target to aim for. I also expect you to reference an appropriate number of sources, which is approximately one source per page


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