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Is religion a useful explanatory category for understanding contemporary World politics?

I have uploaded a basic framework for this essay (attached) – I require the highest of standards with this paper.

From a theory perspective, we will be treating religion in the same way or we will be analysing religion in the same way we would identity
Religion is an identity line along which people divide and the theory surrounding it is the same includes religion

Argument 1

Primordialist theory Huntington clash of civilisation following the  polarising effect of the cold war no more left and right they will look at identity lines to differentiate themselves from others

Argument 2
Instrumentalist religion is an instrument to be manipulated by elites- for example, Desmond tutu vs Osama bin laden \ find good readings

Social constructivism alexander vent who argues the cause of identity violence cannot be attributed simply to the overarching effect of the cold war- instead of social constructivists looks at a host of angles including historical narrative, colonial context, religious issues, economics
And formulated causality based on this

Examples case studies Iraq – sectarians (sinna Shia) back in Saddam era it wasnt bad, but when he was out it became an issue  Rwandan genocide  – proxy wars   etc.

Make sure you are linking identity politics with religion looking at conflicts alone, religion is not enough to understand contemporary issues

Social constructivism is the better theory it takes into account more angles/views – religion is not enough, other factors are important to consider


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