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Jack Ma CEO and Founder of Alibaba Group

please have full 4 pages or 1100 words.

use and watch this video Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group | Interview | VivaTech

and use  this book as a main source ENTREPRENEURING Text, version 1, but you can also be used outside source as a secondary

Case Analysis: How a Product/Service/Venture in your Industry Creates Value
Start by choosing an offering (product or service) in your chosen field / sector that you really find outstanding.  The aim of this case study is to explore what is the value being created by that product/service/company.  This assignment gives you the opportunity (pushes you!) to interview the founder or a key manager in the firm.  Here are questions to ask and use for your paper : 
    Please describe your social/business venture. What value are you are providing, and for whom?
    What motivated you (i.e. the founder) to start your venture? Has that passion changed over time?
    What do you think are the most important resources for your businessthe ones that allow you to produce your value in a consistent way?
    Can you describe one or two lessons that youve learned as an entrepreneur?

Overall your aim is to gain insight into this product/service from your research and analysis; and share it in the paper.   


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