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Journal-Ethics in the News Writing Assignment

    Students will be required to develop a journal chronicling contemporary ethical issues as presented in the mainstream electronic media (I know its a bit of an oxymoron; however, the point is that you should find articles/editorials, NOT blog entries). The article/editorial should engage some issue of contemporary public policy and argue in support of a specific position.

    Each journal entry should include a brief (250-500 words) summary of the article and an ANALYSIS (700-1000 words) of the position using our method for resolving disputes from Module 1 for each piece….These requirements are for EACH of the 3 articles that you cover, which means youll have a 250-500 word summary and 700-1000 word analysis for each of the 3 articles that you choose (e.g., each submitted journal will have a total of 3000-4500 words).

–TOTAL= 3 articles w/summary and analysis of each articles =
  1 summary and 1 analysis per article.

    Each entry must include a working link to the source (or you can copy the entire piece at the beginning of your entry), with date and title of the article (so that the instructor can read it).

    All entries must be from the year 2014 or later, no exceptions.

    I will provide a few websites and articles that might be good to look into to, but generally if you simply keep in mind as you go about your daily wanderings on the internet, youll likely come across some interesting and useful articles/editorials.

    Because some of the specific positions we read in the course assignments are less recently written, this should be viewed as an opportunity to engage with contemporary issues/approaches related to our class focus and an enjoyable assignment that should not require great stress.


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