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Juvenile delinquency

1) Complete Section A by choosing an intervention approach. Decide whether it is most appropriate to develop a program or policy, and explain why.

2) Choose between Section B (if you are designing a criminal justice program) and Section C (if you are designing a criminal justice policy). Be sure to include all four components of program or policy design from either section. It is important to discuss why or how you chose each component. For example, it is important that you not just identify your clients for a program or a responsible party for a policy, but to explain why you chose them.

3)In this stage, you will create forms and other documents that will be used. For example, include actual job descriptions of each staff member, defining the skills and training required

Stage to follow is the following:

    A. Choose an intervention approach: Integrate the information collected at previous stages to decide what the substance of an intervention will be. Decide whether a program or policy approach is appropriate.
    B. Program design requires four major activities:
o    (1) Define the target population: Who is to be served, or changed?
o    (2) Define client selection and intake procedures: How are clients selected and recruited for the intervention?
o    (3) Define program components: The precise nature, amount, and sequence of services provided must be specified. Who does what to whom, in what order, and how much?
o    (4) Write job descriptions of staff, and define the skills and training required.
    C. Policy design requires four major activities:
o    (1) Define the target population of the policy. Which persons or groups are included, and which are not?
o    (2) Identify the responsible authority. Who is required to carry out the policy, and what will their responsibilities be?
o    (3) Define the provisions of the policy. A policy should identify the goods, services, opportunities, or interventions that will be delivered, and the conditions that must be met in order for the provisions to be carried out.
o    (4) Delineate the procedures that must be followed. Individuals responsible for implementing a specific set of rules must clearly understand the specific steps and actions to be taken to ensure that the policy is carried out consistently.


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