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Law and Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Reality

Your executive summary will be 3 pages and must include a problem statement, an overview of your selected issue in your state, and a summary of existing research (within the last 3 years) on the topic.

The specific steps are as follows:

Select any 1 of the following contemporary issues:
Interrogations and Confessions
Involuntary Civil Commitment
Competency Restoration
Implicit Bias and Criminal Justice
Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification
Solitary Confinement
Trauma and Memory
Eyewitness Testimony
In 1 paragraph, write a problem statement.
In 2 paragraphs, supply an overview of the contemporary issue in your state.
In 4 paragraphs, create an overview of existing research (within the last 3 years) associated with your selected contemporary issue.
Use no less than 6 scholarly resources.


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