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For this weeks essay assignment, please prepare a brief to the governor.

Imagine you have been appointed to the governors task force to determine whether illicit drugs should remain illegal, should be decriminalized, or legalized in Georgia. You have been tasked with briefing the governor on the difference between decriminalization and legalization, giving the benefits and consequences of each action, and then make a recommendation which of the two (decriminalization or legalization) would be the best course of action for Georgia.
How will your essay be graded?

Content Answer each question directly and explain. It is always okay to use examples to clarify your point.
Your response should be in essay format (introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Although you are not required to use sources, if you quote or paraphrase a resource, both in-text citations and a reference page is required. Citation and reference page should follow APA guidelines.
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation should reflect senior level work.
If you meet the requirements of the assignment, your work is average and will be graded as such (Average = C). If you are looking for an exceptional grade on the assignment, you will need to submit exceptional work. That means that you go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the assignment.


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