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Read Chapters 11 – 12:
      Daft, Richard.  (2018).  The Leadership Experience, (7th edition).
    Discussion #6

During this week, look at these questions as your focus for discussion.  (Questions come from chapter “Discussion Questions”)  The minimum word count for your initial post will be 200-words per question

1.  Why do you think many women opt out from seeking higher levels of corporate leadership?  Discus why you think this either is or is not a trend that might hurt organizations over the next decade.
2.  Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth century, said that “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely,” suggesting that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases.  Do you agree?  Considering this idea, is it ethical for leaders to try to increase their power?  Discuss.


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