Leadership Practice Reflection Paper

Leadership Practice Reflection Paper


Part 1: After completing the reading in Northouse and Huber, and viewing the leadership PPT Part II, answer the following questions:

Reflect on your own leadership style, ability, and skills.

In two to three paragraphs, identify the qualities or traits you believe an effective leader possesses; comment on those qualities/traits that you have.

Do you believe in the traits model that says leadership traits are innate and not developed, or do you feel the process/skills models where a leader develops their competencies over time and with experience is a better model of leadership?

Comment on the three domains of leadership skills (administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual); which do you feel is most important to effective leadership, and why?

Part 2: After viewing the video on The Biggest Mistake A Leader Makes, answer the following questions:

Identify what you believe are the one to two biggest mistakes made by a leader, and state why.

In two paragraphs, discuss one or two of the mistakes and refer to specific examples.


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