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Leadership styles and approaches for emergency management situations

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the different leadership styles and approaches for emergency management situations. An active threat or active shooter situation will always be continually changing. Leadership will play an integral role within the context of this type of emergency. There will be challenges in leadership in leading the emergency services management personnel should there be a change of personnel due to an unforeseen event.
For this assignment, research the Las Vegas active shooting incident from October 1, 2017. In a five page essay answer the following:
1.    How would transformational leadership become involved during this incident?
2.    Who would be some of the key personnel and team members involved in this incident?
3.    Based on the ability of the active threat/shooter to enter into the hotel with several bags of firing arms and ammunition, how might leadership be able to increase security measures?
4.    What are some of the security measures that can be updated or put in place in an effort handle a large arsenal of weapons?
5.    How might adaptive leadership play an integral role in the overall psychodynamic approaches on the new leadership style for this particular incident regarding the Las Vegas shooting?
6.    What are some of the adaptive leadership approaches that may need to be taken with the advent of this active threat/shooter opening fire from the 32nd floor of this hotel?

Format your paper using APA style. Include a reference page


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