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Legal Entanglement Project Part 5

The previous parts of the Legal Entanglement Project are to result in a Paper to address the
potential legal entanglement that you have selected. Based on the school analysis (from the
Moral and Legal Issues and Collaboration assignments) and the knowledge base of case law and
literature (from the Case Law Reviews and Literature Review), candidates are to pull from
previous submissions and create a comprehensive paper to address the potential legal
entanglement, including data (from the Collaboration assignment) and recommendations for
policy creation or amendment. The focus of the paper is to provide school staff, students, and
visitors with a safe and secure environment through school policy. All aspects of the paper
should be aligned with case law decisions.
It might be helpful to use the rubric components as headings in the submitted assignment to
make sure components are not overlooked.
The paper must be 510 pages, including the Case Law Review, Literature Review, Data (from
the Collaboration assignment) and Recommendations. The paper must be formatted in current
APA format and must include a title page and a reference page, which are not included in the
page count requirement.


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