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Leukemia in Children

Write the questions and answer them in a word document. This is a research proposal.

For the topic, please create a research focus question. The answer to this question will be explained in detail in your 10 pages research paper.
Under the research question, please elaborate on exactly what it is you hope to learn through your research on this topic by responding to the following questions:
1. What puzzle or problem initiated your thinking about X?
2. Template: Many people think X, but I am going to argue Y.
    a.  Before reading my paper, my readers will think X.
    b. After reading my paper, my readers will think Y.
3. The purpose of my paper is…
4. My paper will address the following question:
Current Knowledge
5. Hypothesis: What do you think your answer will be.
Provide your rationale
6.My one-sentence summary answer to this question is this (my working thesis statement:
7. A tentative title for my paper is:
8.  My research will use one of the following methodologies:


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