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Liability Issues

The emergency medical service (ambulance) in a small town is operated by a nonprofit organization and staffed mostly by volunteers.  There is one paid part-time employee that directs the program.  At a meeting of the volunteers, one volunteer asks a question about liability. The concern raised relates to individual liability and whether there is liability insurance.  The director states there is no liability insurance.

The director is now considering liability insurance. Create a presentation for the director.  Identify and articulate the issues related to costs, risks, and other associated issues.

Please made sure that it is in APA format.

The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response. You will be writing three or more discussion posts per week.

Your main post must be two to three substantive paragraphs 150-200 total words and include at least two APA-formatted citations/references. Please follow up with two subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a relevant paragraph containing 100 words or more.


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