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LING final paper

Though these papers are relatively short, they should be written as professionally as possible. For instance, they should have introductions and conclusions; they should be very carefully written, and carefully thought out; and so on.
Every paper should have a main original point or argument that ‘holds it together’ whether the suggested topics below discuss this or not. A central focus is critical to a good paper. With every paragraph you write, ask yourself, “What role is this paragraph playing in the overall argument or point I am making with this paper? Is that clear to my reader?”
One aim in writing these assignments is to show that you have done the reading, that you’ve been engaged in the class discussions, and that you can respond critically to the material that has been covered. If you paper makes no contact with course material, it will be weak.
The purpose of the papers is to have you think critically about what you have read and about what has been happening in class. Therefore, your writing assignments should make it clear that you know the relevant reading and know what has happened in class. You should go beyond this, however, drawing on your own experience, extending the ideas to new domains, or responding critically.
It is important to base your points as much as possible on concrete examples of whatever you are writing about, rather than on general assertions alone. Also, define the concepts and terms you bring up.
Given the topics we will discuss, it is very tempting to fall into the trap of making assertions that aren’t supported, relying on feeling or popular opinion more than reason. Please make every effort instead to focus your thinking, make your reasoning clear, and argue for what you say.
Many of these assignments either require you to do some research on your own, or would benefit from that. You should be comfortable using the library resources. If you need help getting started there, talk to one of us, or talk to a librarian.
Write as though your audience is an educated layperson who is not in our class and has no magic knowledge of the material.
Clarity is better than complexity. Simple sentences are OK. (Orwell’s tips on good writing, which well see, aren’t bad!) Please write in order to get your point across, not to impress the reader with your vocabulary or prowess with complex subordinate clauses.
If you cite linguistic examples, italicize them or put them in quotes. E.g., ‘In Maryland the word skillet is used for frying pan’.
It’s really important to understand plagiarism and avoid it. Whenever you are repeating other peoples ideas, or quoting them, you should cite them. A
separate handout provides examples of citation forms and bibliographies.
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