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Linguistic reading reflection

Read the article closely before formulating your questions; taking notes as you read is highly recommended. In your discussion board post, you should present:
1. One (1) open-ended question for discussion based on any aspect of the article. This could be something that you thought about in relation to other things we have talked about in the course, your own life experience, etc. as it strikes you. For example, How does this article connect to our earlier discussion on the relationship between ideologies about gender and ideologies about race and class?, In performing their drag personas, how is the drag queens use of the white woman style beneficial to their performances (p. 320321)?, etc.
2. One (1) whats up with… question highlighting something that you either didnt fully understand or that you would like to discuss with the class in more detail. For example, Whats up with the data on page 41? It seems to contradict the authors main argument, Whats up with the term polyphonous identity? Its not clear how the author is using it, etc.


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