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Answer the following with 2-3 paragraphs for each question.

1.    Describe LinkedIns business model. List and explain at least four of its strengths and four weaknesses. Do the strengths justify a high price ratio (500+)? (A High price ratio means investor who believe that the company has bright prospects for future growths.
2.    Who are the important players in Linkedins multi-sided platform? Evaluate the nature of network effects (e.g., strong or weak, positive or negative) among these players. (pls evaluate the network effects for every pairwise combination of the different sides, naming as A, B, C)
3.    List and explain at least four arguments in favor of and four against Linkedins market tipping in the near future (tipping means the market is poised for significant growths.)
4.    Does LinkedIn operate in a winner-take-all market? Explain
5.    List and explain at least four major challenges facing Linkedin at the time of the case. Which of the challenges are more significant and needed to be addressed in the immediate future? Explain
6.    What strategy would you recommend for Linkedin for future growth? List and explain the pros and cons of the recommendation.



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