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Literature Review communication strategy 2

Individual Literature review you had written about catastrophic event.
(IMPORTANT) Use same literature review and develop a report.  ( I will post the article u have ever did)
You can put things from that case again. 1500 words – Double spaced, 12 font size.

A lot of ideas you can have from your literature review and team project. Literature part you can reuse. Do not forget other report parts, use your own logic and reasoning to use. Do not copy paste other parts of team project.

Structure of report
Acknowledgement (optional if you want you can add)
Cover page – DDo not write title page on it. Only write relevant details. Please write whom you are submitting to).
Executive Summary (Tell me about the catastrophic event (aim, procedure, findings, conclusion and recommendation about event- ENSURE IT IS CANADIAN COMPANY) 75-150 words.

Table of Contents (automatic one)

1. Introduction (what the entire report contains??) 10-20 words.
1.1 Aim (what is the aim of your this report – not your literature review) 10 words.
1.2 Problem Statement (use from the literature review assignment) 10-20 words.
1.3 Case study – overview (use from literature review assignment) 100-150 words.

2. Literature review (total 550-700 words)
2.1 Types of communication (use from literature review assignment – Use table too)
2.2 Barriers of communication (use from literature review assignment – Use table too)
2.3 Theories of communication (use from literature review assignment – Use table too)
2.4 Gap in the literature (use from literature review assignment. Please modify if your gap was not very clear)
2.5 Summary/conclusion of literature review (use from literature review assignment)

3. Procedures/Methodology (total 150 words).
3.1 Observation (what is your observation about the catastrophic event – share own views) – 30-50 words
3.2 Library research/secondary research (two to three sentences about where did you search about the catastrophic event) 30-50 words.
3.3 Inclusion & exclusion criteria (two to three sentences about what you included and excluded in search. You can make table) 30-50 words.

4. Findings and discussion (Total 550-600 words).
4.1 Findings – [from selected company] (What communication strategy did your chosen company use and did you feel is was an effective approach?) 250-300 words
4.2 Discussions – (example Maple leaf etc) case and what they should have done differently like channels etc they could use etc 300-350 words
4.3 Methodological difficulties (what problems you faced during this report – time? resources, APA referencing?) 20-50 words.

5. Conclusion (total 150 words).
5.1 Overall conclusion (about the selected company’s communication failure, types, barriers and their strategies). 100 words.
5.2 Research limitations (what were your limitations) 50 words

6. Recommendations (total 200-300 words).
6.1 Recommendations for Company (example Maple Leaf etc) (what you propose they could have used as strategies. You can give bullet points) 150-250 words.
6.2 Future Directions (what other researchers should do in their report) 50-100 words.

References – Try at least 5-15 references but ensure what you cite in main report is also at the reference list.

However if someone doesn’t wish to follow my structure, can use the following to write 1500 words answering the following in report style.

The grading criteria is explained below:

At least 5 academic sources –
Answers to the following:
What was the catastrophic event?
What communication strategy did your chosen company use and did you feel is was an effective approach?
What could they have done differently and why? Be sure to substantiate your argument with research.
Use APA referencing guidelines for citations and references. Click here to review “APA Style”.


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