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Liver Allocation Mechanisms and System Design

Write a paper that introduces the market you picked for your project (8-15 main text pages – as with previous assignments, the content should determine length; 11-12pt standard font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced; title page, bibliography, and appendix separate page count).

Follow this structure (discuss with me early if you would like to use a different structure):

Provide an introduction that places the market in its economic context (what industry, what product, etc.) and discuss its importance; you may want to include a short historical section, if relevant. The introduction should be accessible to someone who is not an economist.
After the introduction include a short section on the literature – present the main results you have gleaned from the scholarly articles you have read (alternatively, but generally not recommended: you can also include those results carefully throughout the essay, if you prefer).
Then add a revised version of the market description you prepared for 6/19 and the presentation taking into account feedback you received.
Next add a thorough analysis of the market design features using the criteria we have used in class when analyzing different market designs. Discuss what features works and what challenges exist. If you have any suggestions of how to improve/change the market add them here. Also discuss why the specific market design is or possibly is not appropriate for this market.
End with a conclusion that summarizes what the most interesting features are about your market and what lessons you have learnt.
Include all sources you use in a bibliography that you include at the end of the paper – follow a consistent bibliographic system (APA or MLA recommended). Make sure you correctly quote and attribute throughout – let me know if you have any questions. Also include any background material that is not directly relevant in the paper but useful as reference as an appendix after the bibliography (for instance, if you have some key numbers or tables, that you sparingly use during the paper, or an extra graph for illustration, etc.).


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