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M12D1: Are You an Active Listener?

A. To begin this discussion, we are going to watch a video clip that demonstrates bad listening.

Big Bang Theory TV Show. (2012, November 16).
Bad Listeners (
Based on your opinion and what you have learned over this term:

1. What are some of the barriers to active listening that can be identified in this video? 2. How can communications between Sheldon and Leonard be improved?

B. Now, lets discuss these questions one at a time, and applying what we have learned in this weeks readings and videos as we go:

1. . What lessons were learned in the first Raymond video that were applied to the second video?

2. How are listening skills important to employees, supervisors, and managers?

3. Across the three videos, what struck you in terms of body language? Were there examples of excellent body language that demonstrated listening? How about anything that might negatively impact communications?

4. Earlier this term, we explored cross-cultural communications. What are some considerations for demonstrating active listening and non-verbal communication with people from different cultures?

Everybody Loves Raymond. (2011, October 5 (

Parent Effectiveness Training. (2013, February 21) ( )


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