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Using the following guide, prepare a personal reflection paper:

    Light Bulb Moments:  Quote a sentence or sentences from the God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament text that impressed you this week.  Write one paragraph to explain why this caught your attention.  Then record a verse or verses from the Bible reading for this week and write one full paragraph explaining the significance of this quote to you.
    Hall of Fame:  In two full paragraphs, choose a famous Bible person you studied in this workshop.  Describe what you learned about this person that you could apply to your own life, character, or leadership.  What do you see in the person’s life that you would like to emulate?
    Talking to God:  Write a short one-paragraph prayer, in the form of a letter or perhaps a short poem, that reflects what you want to express to God this week.  You may model your prayer after one of the Psalms you read during this week.  Remember that the Psalms always praised some characteristic of God, were honest and open, and displayed creativity of expression.  Try to incorporate those three elements in your short prayer.


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