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Managing organizational change


reflection paper

write a 4 page reflection paper. Be sure to address each of the following questions: What does the term managing organizational change mean to you? Is it possible to not have change in an organization? Is change best driven by the leadership or by employees? Should change be resisted at all costs? Is change a good or a bad thing? Discuss, substantiating your position with the research that you have collected.

Be sure to mention how current events arent effecting the work place list below (events such as covid-19 and Black lives  matter) as well as the powerpoint attached

All papers must be typed and double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides.
    Papers should follow APA format.
    Use headers to separate different questions in the paper
    Use 12-point font.
    Include your name and page numbers in the header.
    Must have a minimum of 4 references
    Always explicitly cite your sources, use in text citations and put references in the reference page. (You can use Google Schloar, do not use Wikipedia)
    Citations should follow APA format. Citing your sources is a way of demonstrating from where and how you came to know something.
    Proofread all written work. Finished products should be spell-checked and grammatically correct. 
    All assignments must be submitted on time.

Work place to reference:

The work place is the division of family services the division of family services some changes they made work contactless family visits (facetime, zoom, skype), they decreased office flow to 10 employees in the office at a time and Court hearings were moved to virtually,


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