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Markeis McGlockton Case

Summary/overview of the factual and procedural background of the case or law
Substantive/procedural issues what issues are involved in the case; why is this case even
newsworthy or taking center stage in our media in the first place
Critically examine the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, functions and
dysfunctions, comparisons and contrasts, arguments for and against, intended vs.
unintended consequences of your law or legal topic
Outcome discuss how this case was decided; the courts rationale for its decision;
whether you think the outcome was fair/unfair
Policy Implications discuss how the case or law has impacted society; ideas/suggestions
for modifying the law or reforming the justice system in the future
References may include any relevant source but must include at least 3 reputable,
academic/scholarly sources. Please cite your work.


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