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Answer the following questions regarding Amazon’s Alexa product/service. See referenced Final Exam Document, Amazon Annual Report, and Amazon Alexa documents.

1.    Understanding Marketplace
            1)    How did the Amazon become the dominant competitor in online-retailing industry?
            2)    What sources of competitive advantage were Amazon able to develop to support their growth?
            3)    Where were/are they vulnerable?
            4)    How can Amazon avoid competitive myopia?

2.    Promotions
          1)    What audience(s) should Alexa target in its integrated marketing communications plan?
          2)    What image should Amazon seek to create for its first Alexa product?
          3)    What objectives are appropriate for Alexas initial communications campaign?
          4)    What message design and communication channels are likely to be most effective for the target audience?
          5)    Which promotional tools would be most effective in Alexas promotional mix? Why?
          6)    How should Alexa decide the amount to allocate to its marketing communications budget?


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