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marriage culture in Austria

This submission represents the first of my draft paper and should incorporate all the the research. This is more than just a list of sources, it should also briefly explain the information
contained in that source. For each source, give a complete reference (either in MLA or APA format) so
that I can locate the source if I chose to do so, and provide approximately a paragraph description of the
information you intend to use from that source. You may use sources from the internet, books,
publications, movies or tv. Please do not use Wikipedia as a source. Wikipedia is a great jumping off
point for ideas on where to locate information, but it is, at best, a secondary source. If you find
something interesting in a Wikipedia article, look for the footnote/reference for that information and track
down the original source for the information.
Grade Breakdown for Paper 1 (50 Points)
Topic presentation and description (25 Points)
Annotated Bibliography/Reference List (25 Points)
I will provide feedback on your topic and approach, and your identified sources at this stage.
Paper 2: First Draft (Due: March 30th for those Without Trip; Due: April 15th, for those With Trip)


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