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Matthew 1-2

After completing the assigned reading in Duvall and Hays and the assigned Bible reading, complete the following in one to two paragraphs each:

1. Imagine that the only things we knew about Jesus were contained in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. List seven truths that we learn about him in those passages in one sentence each, citing the Scripture reference at end of each sentence. Example: 1. Jesus is the ultimate King (like David) and the One who will bless the nations (like Abraham). Matthew 1:1
3. What is the Kingdom of God as described in the Bible? As you explain, you might want to explain the imagery of a king, a kingdom, etc.
4. Discuss various reasons why Jesus encountered so much opposition.
After completing the assigned reading in Plummer, complete the following in one to two paragraphs each:
5. What strategies could you use to improve as an interpreter of the Bible?
6. Identify and explain two principles for interpreting parables.

Book Source

Duvall, J. S., & Hays, J. D. (2012). Living God’s word: Discovering our place in the great
story of scripture. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. ISBN-13: 978-0310292104

Plummer, R. (2010). 40 questions about interpreting the Bible. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel
Academic & Professional. ISBN-13: 978-0825434983


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