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MBA Entry Essay – Personal Statement

Personal Statement outlining interest and College journey and how begin accepted into Masters program will align with Career.

Key points to include:

Age 35 = Maturity, Focused, Goal Driven, Determined,

Graduated High School 2003 Southfield High Honor Roll student
Immediately attended Wayne state University started off great focused and good grades, started working and begin to drop classes last minute which caused grade of F or IC to be added to transcript. taking one class per semester. to eventually dropping out completely. which cause my GPA to be very low not because I didn’t do the work but because of me dropping classes late.

started working, went to trade school graduated, worked some more, opened my own business ran it for 3 successful years Kreative Beginnings Development Center (Summer Camps, Transportation services and Before and After School Care
to finally go back to school to finish what I started with the influence of my family especially my dad.

Finally Graduated from Wayne State university with a BS in Elementary education with concentration in Early childhood and special education (non-cert) after meeting with advisor time and time again to get back on track and meet the requirements for graduation. I was able to complete all of my classes needed on the deans list every term when I returned.

Career Goal: Open my business back up and take over family business.

Currently in Real Estate school

Family background = Education is Key Very successful family, Entrepreneurship very much encouraged. 

You can do and be anything you put your mind too.


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