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Media globalization

Hello, this is my final essay for a course called intro to media globalization.
i have to create a 3,000 word essay about a question that has to do with the following topics

Please choose ONE of the following themes:
(1) Media and globalization
(2) Media imperialism and/or cultural imperialism
(3) Contra-flow of the media
(4) Media consumption and everyday life
(5) Media globalization and identity
(6) Diaspora and the media
(7) Cosmopolitanism
(8) Nationalism and globalization

attached i will post the exact instructions, i need you to be very careful with meeting the professors criteria,  please use trusted sources and follow the syllabus. I think the topic that i am most interested in is media globalization and identity.

also from that essay i will have to create a presentation.
i need you to plesae answer the following questions based on the paper

(1) What is your key question?
(2) What is your argument?
(3) How is your argument supported? (e.g. where is evidence?)
(4) Why is your essay important, intellectually?
(5) How does your essay intervene in the existing literature and make a (small) contribution?

Assessment is based on intellectual content ONLY (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) above, nothing else.

please let me know if you have any questions.

thanks a lot!


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