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Media Review

Thouroughly address all prompts (A-D) in your essay:

a.    Demonstrate that you understand the significance of what you have learned. Answer the following KEY questions:

***[Read the assignment prompts before you begin viewing the program to plan carefully for critical analysis]***

What is the difference between desegregation and integration? What is required for each?
Why was school desegregation so explosive?
The NAACP chose to contest segregation in federal courts. What myths did it force people to confront?
What other avenues of protest were open to African-Americans?
How can a democracy ensure that it is not undermined by mob rule?
What is the role of the federal government in protecting the freedoms guaranteed to all American citizens when the state fails to do so? What role does the US Constitution play in protecting the rights of American citizens?

b.    Compare the information you gathered in this experience to the material you are learning in American Government class. Select specific course concepts that align with what you have learned in this film review and share them in your essay. Defend your selections by explaining why they align.

c.    Provide an argument as to why these kinds of student experiences are important to enhance civic education.

d.    Identify the specific career skills necessary to complete this assignment and provide an analysis as to how those skills might be useful in your academic pathway and civic life.

Textbook for class will be upload as a resource.


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