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Metaliteracy journal

Using the learning situation from your M2 Course Project Blog, create an exercise to help the student use metaliteracy skills. Make sure your exercise could be performed in both hybrid and online classes.

Your post should contain the following information:

A brief description of the learning situation you identified in your Module 2 Blog. (grade level, topic, program)
One example of an exercise you might assign in relation to the learning situation that would allow students to use metaliteracy skills.
A minimum of 3 reserach references.

Flaherty, C. (2016). Professors can learn to be more effective instructors. Inside Higher Ed. Retrieved from demonstrable-impact-student-learning

MacPhail, A., Ulvik, M., Guberman, A., Czernaiwski, G., Oolbekkink-Marchand, H., & Bain, Y. (2018). The professional development of higher education-based teacher educators: Needs and realities. Professional Development in Education. 45(5), 848-861.


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