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mgt302 case mod 1

In this first Case Assignment, the assignment is divided into two parts.

Part 1:

For the first part, you are asked to take a personality test to see what your five major personality factors are. When you have completed the PsychCentral personality test, your assignment is to write a 3- to 4-page essay that addresses the results of your personality test and how your characteristics affect your job attitude.

Your paper will cover the following three questions:

List your five personality factors, including your score. Describe a summary of each factor according to the report received after taking the test.
After reviewing your report, is there any part of the report that you do not agree with? Why do you not agree with it?
How does your personality affect your attitude at work? At home? In a public setting?
A good way to organize your essay is to divide it into the following sections:

Introduction that briefly describes the assignment and personality test
Do I agree with my test results?
Time for a change?
Personality vs attitude
A company that fits me
Part 2:

In Part 2 of the Module 1 Case assignment, you will select a company duo that you will use for all your case assignments in this course. Select a company duo from the following two options:

Option 1. Amazon and Zappos
Option 2. CVS and Walgreens

View the website of each company, and find their vision and mission statements and their diversity policy. From what you have learned from the companies’ websites, think about your own personality test results. Based on your results, which of the two companies do you think is the best fit for you if you were looking for new employment? Explain your answer in the last page of your 3- to 4-page essay.

Support your arguments with at least two scholarly references found in the(University )Online Library.

Note: Refer to the Writing Guide or Purdue OWL APA Guidelines for reference formatting guidelines.

Upload your assignment to the Case 1 Dropbox. Be sure to review your TurnItIn Originality report. If the score is over 15%, contact your professor. You need to review the report and add any missing citations as noted on the report.


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