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Midterm Music Essay

Write 250 to 500 words comparing and contrasting two of the following videos. The music in these videos varies widely. Part of your assignment is to figure out what these pieces have in common, as well as how they differ.  Use fifteen of the words listed below. You may refer to the entire videos in your essay, or you may decide to refer only to part of a video. If you are referring to a specific part of the recording, then please specify which part. This is so that I can grade your essay according to the part of the recording that you have chosen to refer to.

Points will not be given for words used in the negative.  For instance, if the piece is played by a string quartet, then you will not be given a point for telling me that the ensemble “does not include percussion.”

It is OK to use words in a different form.  For instance, using the word “monorhythm” instead of “monorhythmic” would still get you a point.  However, using both forms would not count as two points.


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