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Describe Luigi Pirandello’s life. Explain and describe your thoughts and reactions to his video called, “The Geist” and about one of his short stories, “The Oil Jar”. Please include examples from “The Oil Jar”. Cite the reference, where does it exist in the short story? Cite the page and quote the text accurately.

To view the Youtube video on Pirandello: go to Youtube and type Luigi Pirandello Geist.  This will take you to a page with a series of images of Pirandello.  Look for the ones labelled Luigi Pirandello with Gottfried Geist many of them have a number, such as 3, 5, 1 etc., (they may be out of sequence) which are the section numbers of the video presentation.

Select the image with the number 7 underlined 3 times and next to it

Luigi Pirandello
Luigi Pirandello

Find  and select Play all”.  The video will start, beginning with the first section and going through to the end.

You can access The Oil Jar at :


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