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Module 3.4. Practice What You Learned – Manage a Facebook Page for 10 Days

It is about Murray State University Bauernfeind College of Business google it please and I attached an example, but the example only has 4, I need 10.  2 per page

AJB-COB Facebook Page Management Schedule

Each assigned date period below equals the 10 days your will craft content and manage the timed placement for the Bauernfeind College of Business Facebook Business page. Please submit your content directly to Professor Thomas via email (no less than 48 hours in advance of your first scheduled Admin date). Your emailed assignment must include at least 10 status updates, instructions for date/time each should be posted, plus all graphics, links and/or videos you want to submit. Facebook does not support PDF files. It does support JPG, PNG, MOV and MP4 files. Each day’s content earns you 25 points for a total of 250 possible points for the entire assignment.
THE ASSIGNMENT: Each student is responsible for emailing the CONTENT FOR a “minimum” of 10 separate Facebook POSTs (that’s 10 Status Updates that include the desired date of the post, text for the status update plus a visual (photo, MEME, video or link URL) emailed directly to Professor Thomas no later than 2 full working days before your management period begins.

YOU are responsible during your time period for the quality and quantity of ALL content displayed on the Murray State College of Business (Bauernfeind-COB) page. This includes at least one line of copy to accompany each graphic and either a link to an article, a photo/graphic/meme or video to go with each post. Please put everything in an email and attach .jpg files for graphics or attach all the materials in a Word doc. You may suggest as many as three posts in a day, but no less than one per day.

Please attach all photos in the form of JPG or TIF files and any video as MOV or MP4 files, along with any necessary live link URLS, if you want to link to OPC (other people’s content).

Proofread your work carefully. Grammar, spelling or punctuation errors in your supplied copy will mean an immediate loss of points on this assignment!

NOTE: Your content should be pertinent to fans of the College of Business (faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni) and for the time period assigned, but you may submit 1-3 post/content ideas which would be better posted at another time specify an exact date and time, please. Dont forget to recognize major holidays and campus events. Keep in mind that the GOAL is to grow the fan base and recruit majors to ALL the departments of the Bauernfeind College of Business!

TOTAL VALUE: 250 points   

Grading Rubric: Each day’s post(s) is/are worth up to 25 points, so if any of your suggested posts are unusable on one day, then 25 points may be deducted from the assignment total (if you only suggested one post for that day).

Link to the Murray State BRANDING TOOLKIT: (This is important please follow the style guide explicitly):


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