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Hong Kong cinema is more than martial arts and action.  The second part of the course examines dramas of love, fantasy, journey, and self-discovery in Hong Kong cinema.  Characters in these films seem to harbor a big dream: a Hong Kong dream, a California dream, or a New York dream.  With the passage of time, they attempt to create new identities for themselves: be a different person, go to a new place, enter a relationship, or feel nostalgia for the past.  Discuss the ways in which these characters change, pursue dreams, cherish old relationships, or search for new identities

In your analysis, you should refer to at least three films by different directors.  Please also briefly comment on the stylistic characteristics of each of the directors.

At the end of this part of the paper, please indicate the source, manner, place, and time of viewing the films that you have selected for analysis and discussion.


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