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Music Video Analysis Assignment

Select one of the readings between 2-27 and 3-10 and in no more than one single-spaced page, do the following:

1.State the author(s) main argument/thesis. What is the main argument/thesis? Include the passage that best summarizes this thesis and include the page number in an in-text citation. For example, Hartman argues that (p. 3).

2.  Tell me what remains unclear or underdeveloped in text/work. What might lead to this gap/weakness?

3.  Relate the reading to your life experiences.

Remember, your reading summary is due at 11:59pm the Monday or Wednesday before the reading is to be discussed in class. Those received after 11:59pm but prior to the start of class will be considered late and graded accordingly. Reading summaries submitted after the start of class will not be accepted.

For example: Responses for Tuesday 1-21 are due Monday 1-20 by 11:59pm. Responses for Thursday 1-23 are due Wednesday 1-22 by 11:59pm. And so on…


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