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Myths and American History

Based on your article assignment on Columbus (see syllabus)found under the course content, please discuss the ways that narratives about early American history that dont always convey the the broader, more inclusive context that needs to be addressed.

Carefully explain what the narratives are and any supporting evidence for these interpretations.
What arguments can be made against these particular narratives about American history?
In what ways do particular narratives emphasize aspects of American history that fuel particular slanted and/or partisan interests?
How do sources contradict these narratives and/or provide additional important perspectives?
Which of the examples that you have provided do you think is the most problematic and the one that most ignores other important aspects of the full picture? Why?
Your paper should be a minimum of 2.5 pages in length and should use appropriate forms of citation. You should have at least one citation for the article that you have chosen to use. The first paper deals with Columbus.  Please note that papers will automatically be evaluated through for plagiarism. Any paper with a similarity rating over 25 percent will receive a zero as per the syllabus policies on academic honesty.


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