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Research Assignment -Part Three 

The final part of this assignment will be to complete your research paper. Be sure to read the guidelines for the assignment before submission. 

Research Paper Guidelines  (Note: Submitting a paper previously submitted for a grade is plagiarism, you will receive a 0)

  • The selected topic should focus on a health-related topic (Ex: Rise in Cancer Among African American Women)
  • Research Paper should be grounded in research; please use only approved sites. (org, you may also use published peer-reviewed journal articles from reliable sources.
  • Please cite sources in APA format.
  • Research Paper should also be in APA format with 12 Font (Times New Roman)
  • You must include a cover page and a work sources page 
  • Research Paper should be no less than ten pages double spaced. ( Not to include a cover page and work cited page)
  • Your paper should have less than 35% in Turnitin
  • Your paper should also include in-text citation (See APA 7 Example listed in course resources)
  • Sample Research Paper and Research Rubric can be founded under course resources )
  • Excessive spacing in between paragraphs will result in 5 point deduction per violation )
  • Do not include images or graphs the research paper ( 15 point deduction per violation) 

No late submission will be accepted; please verify that your file is accessible. Submitting the wrong file or a file that is not accessible will result in a grade of 0, with No exceptions. Please do not submit assignments via email; it will not be accepted. Submissions not meeting minimal requirements will result in a 10 point deduction for each missing component. 


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