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  • Choose a health care provider that you are familiar with, is in your community, or you are curious about. (This should be the same one you used for last week’s discussion.) Conduct several Internet and library searches. Specifically, you may want to look at the following: 
    • The health provider website: Annual reports, et cetera.
    • CMS.Gov quality reports.
    • Healthgrades data and/or patient satisfaction scores.
    • County or regional demographics.



 submit a typed paper

  1. Introduce your provider and provide background information (12 pages)

Based on the information gathered, develop a SWOT analysis in a chart or list format. Please include:

  • Two strengths of your provider.
  • Two weaknesses of your provider.
  • Two opportunities for your provider. 
  • Two threats to this provider.
  1. Provide reasoning and support for your analysis (minimum of two sentences per part of the SWOT analysis for a total of 8 sentences).  


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